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How to Keep Your Sanity During Busy Season | Wood Personnel Services

Dreading Your Busy Season? Here’s how to keep your sanity.

Seasonal surges are exciting for company leaders, especially when that surge in activity means additional revenue.

But if you have any direct responsibility for staffing or employee management, you know that a big uptick also means exhausted workers. Unpredictable personnel budgets. And the very real possibility that this time around, you may not have the help to handle the extra work.

The best way to maintain your sanity?

Be prepared!

A workforce that’s prepared to meet upswings in demand will keep operations running smoothly – giving you a leg up on the competition. And, not surprisingly, the best way to prepare is with a smart plan – a seasonal staffing plan, that is. A seasonal workforce allows your company to:

  • meet deadlines
  • stay on budget
  • accelerate hiring, onboarding and training
  • shorten learning curves and control training costs
  • minimize employee burnout and the turnover it causes
  • reduce the need for layoffs once your busy season is over

Tips for creating a successful seasonal staffing plan:

  1. Start early. If you wait until your competitors start recruiting, you’ve waited too long. Posting jobs 60 to 90 days before the start of your upswing may seem a bit excessive, but it allows you adequate time for recruiting, screening, onboarding and training. Once your busy time hits, your seasonal workers will be ready to hit the ground running.
  2. Cast a wide net. In addition to traditional job postings:
    • solicit referrals from your best employees
    • re-recruit great seasonal workers from previous years
    • consider local or college job fairs, as well as professional organizations in your industry
  3. Partner with a reputable Nashville staffing agency like Wood Personnel. We specialize in helping companies like yours effectively manage the highs and lows of business cycles to:
    • increase flexibility
    • access qualified, reliable people – right when you need them, and only for as long as you need them
    • shorten learning curves – by bringing on skilled, trained temporary workers
    • reduce administrative and legal burdens
    • cut back on overtime

When it comes to seasonal staffing, the early bird really does get the worm.

No matter what time of year your busy season hits, it’s never too soon to discuss your needs with our Nashville staffing experts. When you start early, we have more lead-time to fulfill your requirements (which is especially important in our tight employment market).

Be prepared – and proactive! Contact our Nashville employment agency or your local Wood Personnel office today.