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Aiming for an Administrative Job? Make sure you can answer these questions

You’ve just landed an interview for an administrative role with your dream employer.


Now it’s time to get to work.

When gauging your fit for an administrative assistant position, your interviewer will want to learn about your hard skills, soft skills and more. He’ll likely ask questions to gauge your:

  • computer and technical skills
  • organization and project management skills
  • written and oral communication skills
  • cultural fit with the organization

So be prepared to shine! Start by practicing your answers to these commonly asked interview questions:

Computer/Technical Skills Interview Questions for Administrative Assistants

Expect targeted questions about your understanding of/proficiency levels in software programs, operating systems, social media and other office technology.

We use [insert software] in our organization. What do  you know about this program, and how have you used it?

Provide specific examples that demonstrate your depth of knowledge and proficiency. If you have skills assessment results or certifications in the software, now is the perfect time to share it.

What technology is indispensable to you in your job? Why?

The interviewer will be looking for evidence that you understand not just how to use technology, but the role that tech plays in making you more successful.

Communication Skills Interview Questions for Administrative Assistants

Your interviewer will likely ask questions to determine if you are both articulate and a good listener.

How do you handle challenging clients or internal customers?

Regardless of your true feelings, never speak ill of clients or customers (internal or external) – it will only reflect poorly on you. Instead, explain how you listen, probe for understanding, empathize and then patiently address others’ concerns – even when they’re difficult to work with.

In what areas are you truly an expert?

Your interviewer will give less weight to your actual expertise and more weight to how you explain that expertise. If you’re asked a question like this, take time to organize your thoughts before responding. Provide a logical, detailed and clear answer to showcase your verbal communication skills.

Organizational/Project Management Skills

Administrative assistants perform a wide variety of tasks. Expect a few questions designed to gauge how well you manage your time and organize your work.

How do you plan your time each day? Each week?

Come to the interview prepared to explain how you juggle multiple responsibilities effectively, providing examples of how you plan work to ensure that short-term and long-term deadlines are met.

How do you prioritize multiple tasks when you only have a few hours left in the afternoon to complete them?

This is the ideal time to showcase your transferable job skills. Explain how you categorize the importance of specific tasks, stay organized and schedule your time to manage a heavy workload.

Other Soft Skills Interview Questions for Administrative Assistants

Expect questions about your work style, personality, attitude and more.

Do you work well with others?

Obviously, your interviewer will expect you to say that you do – so don’t stop there. Distinguish yourself by expanding upon your response. Explain how you work well with managers, co-workers, customers and vendors, using real-life examples as evidence.

How would your last boss describe your ability to manage projects and people effectively?

In your answer, provide examples of the skills you used to prioritize work, facilitate teamwork or manage interpersonal conflict to deliver a great result.

How would you describe the perfect work environment for you?

Show that you’ve done your homework (and that you’re a great fit) by explaining how your idea environment aligns with the employer’s organizational culture.

Looking for administrative jobs in Cool Springs?

Or anywhere else in Middle Tennessee? Make sure you’re prepared to answer these common interview questions for administrative assistants. Then give Wood Personnel a call! Our expert recruiters can help you practice your interview skills in a low-stress environment, so you’re prepared to shine when you talk to a hiring manager.