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Employee Handbook Makeover: Transform it into Something Employees WANT to Read

Quick question for you:

Which phrase best describes your Middle Tennessee company’s employee handbook?

  1. An informative, engaging and fun-to-read document;
  2. A dry, dense manual that’s about as interesting as the Internal Revenue Service’s tax code?

If it’s number one, you are WAY ahead of the game. No need to read this post; pick another topic from our blog. But if your handbook is in contention for the dullest document in your corporate library, know this:

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Your employee handbook can be fun and engaging to read, while still being informative and factual. Don’t believe us? Check out Zingerman’s handbook, which was voted the world’s best employee manual by Inc. magazine. Deftly combining entertainment with important details about the company’s guiding principles and vision, this employer’s handbook is a truly inspiring onboarding and reference tool.

Want your employee handbook to be awesome, too?

Use these ideas to give it a makeover:

  1. Know why you are overhauling it. Is it to protect yourself legally, to better reflect your corporate culture or to be a better resource for your organization? You should have a clear purpose in mind before making changes.
  2. Get the facts right, first. Regardless of how you “dress it up,” your handbook is, first and foremost, a compliance document. Remember to include required notices that are critical to protecting your interests as an employer.
  3. Go beyond dry prose. Sure, you need to clearly spell out your workplace rules, disciplinary policies, etc. But there’s no law saying that you have to present them in the least imaginative way possible. So get a little creative! Consider bringing those rules and guidelines to life with fun anecdotes, interesting hypothetical situations and a conversational writing tone (like we use in this blog) to make the “dry stuff” more interesting to read. In addition to being more engaging, explanations of the “why” behind organizational rules make employees much more likely to follow them.
  4. Reflect who you are as an organization. If you have a marketing team, enlist the help of your creative writers to bring your handbook to life. They can help you align the tone and content with your culture, core values and employment brand.
  5. Make it visually engaging. Bring your words to life with colors and visuals (e.g., pictures, graphics, infographics, fun fonts, unexpected layouts – even comics or memes, if they mesh with your culture).

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