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Business Growing? 4 Ways Your Middle TN Staffing Partner Can Help

Time for some Middle Tennessee math:

Q: What do you get when you add:

  • an educated workforce;
  • a cost of doing business that’s nearly 10% lower than the national average;
  • and premier location?

A: A booming economy – and impressive business growth!

Throughout our region, organizations are expanding. Many employers are moving their national headquarters here, too. And all this growth is occurring across a diverse mix of industries, including healthcare, corporate operations, advanced manufacturing, supply chain management, and (of course) music and entertainment.

Bottom line, it’s a great time to be in business in Middle Tennessee. And we’re here to help you succeed! Here are just four of the ways our staffing firm can support your growth:

  1. Hire faster. With unemployment below 5%, it’s getting tougher to find reliable people with the skills and experience you need. We maintain an extensive candidate database and talent network to dramatically reduce the time it takes for you to find the right people – people who have been rigorously screened to ensure they not only possess the skills and experience you require, but also have the personality traits to thrive on the job.
  2. Focus on your core business. Our services help you reclaim valuable time that you’d otherwise be forced to spend on hiring, staffing and other employment-related administrative activities. That’s time you can better invest in capturing new business, testing new ideas and engaging in other activities that fuel growth.
  3. Prevent overwork. When you’re growing, your busy. And when you’re busy, employees’ workload increases – leading to job burnout, more mistakes, increased absenteeism, higher turnover and diminished productivity. Shield your team from these negative effects of growth by providing adequate staffing support. We can seamlessly add temporary resources, right when you need them, to reduce the stress on your core employees and prevent overwork.
  4. Access the expertise you need – without the overhead. Need to introduce new technology or processes to facilitate growth – but lack the expertise? Wood Personnel can provide temporary experts to bridge the gap and help you achieve your goals. From IT specialists to experienced business professionals, we can connect you with people who can teach new skills to your organization and dramatically shorten learning curves.

Is Your Company Experiencing “Growing Pains”?

We can help! Make our Lebanon staffing firm – or your local Wood Personnel office – a partner in your hiring and staffing activities. Give us a call today.