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Roots Too Deep? 5 Signs It’s Time to Move Onto a New Employer

According to Business Insider, the average person spends 90,000 hours at work over the course of their life.

The takeaway? Make sure your career is a fulfilling one!

When your job is challenging, your career is moving forward in the right direction, you’re paid well, and you truly enjoy your work, it’s pretty easy to justify staying with your current employer. If you’re valued, growing professionally and a good fit with your team, it just doesn’t make sense to look for greener pastures.

But if you notice one or more of the following signs, it might be time to move onto a new company. Here are five red flags indicating you may have stayed at your job for too long:

  1. You dread going to work. Every. Single. Day. All jobs come with their fair share of stress and challenges (that’s why they call it work, right?). But when the thought of work consistently fills you with anxiety or loathing over an extended period? It could be a sign that your job or the company isn’t a great fit for you.
  2. Your performance, motivation and productivity are suffering. Find yourself just “phoning it in” these days? Stopped volunteering for new projects or coming in early lately? Lost your pride in your work? If you’re feeling bored or stagnant at work, it’ll reflect in your performance. And sooner or later, that mediocrity will negatively impact your resume and employability. If you can’t find a way to re-engage in what you’re doing and become truly passionate about your work again, it might be time to move on.
  3. You’ve stopped learning. When is the last time you acquired a new skill or were pushed outside your comfort zone? Are there opportunities available with your current employer to challenge yourself, take on new responsibilities and grow in your career? If there’s no room to learn in your current role, you may have reached a dead end with your company. Investigate the possibility of switching departments, transitioning to a new role or finding a higher-potential job with a different organization.
  4. You don’t feel appreciated. How connected are you with your team? When’s the last time your boss told you that you did a good job? What does your organization do to ensure your wellness and work/life satisfaction? The best employers recognize, reward and truly value their employees. If you give your best to your company, you deserve as much in return.
  5. You can’t stand your boss. Feeling bitter or resentful toward your boss? Working for someone who is unrealistic, completely disorganized or incompetent? You can’t change your boss’s stripes. If your work is intolerable because your immediate supervisor is too difficult to work with, it’s probably best to find another position internally – or start the search for a new employer.

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