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Want to Make Your Middle TN Company More Innovative?

Hire GHEAL innovators.

People with a GHEAL “Glass Half Empty and Leaking” perspective aren’t negative or pessimistic (as the label suggests). They’re forward-thinkers who:

  • question the status quo;
  • identify potential threats on the horizon;
  • ferret out new problems to solve and opportunities upon which to capitalize;
  • can turn your organization into a serial innovation firm.

In his insightful ERE post, “Need Innovators? Recruit Those Who See the Glass as Half Empty…and Leaking,” recruiting and HR thought-leader Dr. John Sullivan explains how to hire this type of employee – and drive innovation in your organization. Here is a summary of his post’s key points:

Qualities of a GHEAL Innovator:

  • assumes there are hidden problems that must be addressed in almost everything;
  • assumes that, due to increasing rates of change, current solutions, tools and programs will soon be obsolete;
  • continually asks tough questions and thinks through “what if” scenarios;
  • has a sense of urgency about their work;
  • always exploring and planning for the next step;
  • has a need to replace existing processes with new, disruptive, innovative ones.

Benefits a GHEAL Innovator Can Bring to Your Business

  • A GHEAL innovator will find and fix problems you didn’t even realize you had. They don’t wait for numbers to tank or competitors to steal away clients; they continually push the envelope to identify threats and pursue new opportunities.
  • Not satisfied with the status quo, a GHEAL innovator thrives in today’s volatile, competitive business environment – not just adapting to change, but causing it to drive innovation.
  • This type of employee acts as a role model, encouraging fellow employees and managers to adopt their GHEAL mindset. By modeling progressive, proactive behavior, they make others around them better.
  • The mere presence of a GHEAL on your team enhances your employment brand. Innovators want to work with other innovators and top performers, which makes employing a GHEAL beneficial for recruiting and retention.

How Can You Identify and Hire a GHEAL Innovator?

  • Prior to their interview: In their resume, look for indicator keywords like “risk-taking,” “collaboration” or “disruptive solutions.” Review their LinkedIn (or other professional) profile to validate their skills related to innovation.
  • During the interview: To determine if they truly have a GHEAL mindset, ask them to identify potential problems in a process or approach related to the available job. Pose a question that tests their vision of the future, both in their job and in your industry.
  • Accelerate your hiring process. GHEAL innovators are not in the job market for long. Develop special protocols for fast-tracking the interview, assessment and offer process, to minimize poaching and candidate drop-off.
  • Partner with our Lebanon recruiters, or your local Wood Personnel recruiting team, to source, screen and refer the innovators and high performers your business needs. With decades of specialized recruiting, proven sourcing strategies and a deep talent network, we make recruiting A-level talent quicker and more cost-effective.