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Be Responsible (not invisible) Online to Land the Job You Want

Social media research is an extremely powerful tool in a recruiter’s screening arsenal. And if you’ve read any career advice articles recently, you’ve probably come across one warning you about the dangers of posting irresponsibly on social media.

True, social media blunders can cost you a job. In a recent Harris Poll survey of over 2,300 hiring managers, more than half (54%) of employers have found content online that caused them not to hire a candidate for an open role.

But that doesn’t mean you should erase your digital footprint if you’re on the job hunt.


Recruiters aren’t just using social media to screen you out; they’re using social media to screen you in. The same survey showed that more than 4 in 10 employers (44%) have found content about a candidate on a social networking site that caused them to hire the candidate. Among their primary reasons for extending an offer were:

  • the candidate’s background information supported their professional qualifications (38%);
  • the candidate demonstrated great communication skills online (37%);
  • the candidate had a professional image online (36%);
  • the candidate showcased their creativity online (35%).

Strike the Right Balance on Social Media

If you’re looking for jobs in Cool Springs, or anywhere else in Middle Tennessee, it’s probably best to remove “red Solo cup” photos while you’re searching (or at least lock them down with your privacy settings). But you shouldn’t completely wipe out your online presence; you just need to use some common sense.

Be responsible, not invisible, on social media to land the job you want. Here’s how:


  1. Google yourself. Bing yourself. It’s not vain; it’s an important first step in controlling your online personal brand.
  2. If you find information that is outdated or unprofessional, delete it or set it to private.
  3. Configure your privacy settings to control what potential employers can see.
  4. Use the tools search engines offer to manage your online reputation moving forward. For example, Google provides the option to strike some listings from its search results pages.

Build a presence on the right social networks.

More than half (57%) of employers who responded to the Harris Poll survey said they are less likely to call someone in for an interview if they can’t find the candidate online. So, make sure you participate responsibly on social media platforms that make sense for your career. LinkedIn is an obvious choice for business professionals, but sites like Meetup are gaining popularity as networking tools across industries. No matter which sites you are active on:

  1. showcase your skills
  2. strategically build your network
  3. post links to newsworthy content and highlight takeaways
  4. avoid posting on controversial topics, even if others in your network do so

Make it easy for recruiters.

When you apply to Middle Tennessee jobs, include links to your relevant social profiles. By making social media screening easy for a potential employer, you send the unspoken message that you have nothing to hide.

On the job hunt?

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