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How Proactive is Your Staffing Strategy? Find Out with This Quiz:

Replacing staff for last-minute call-offs.

Increasing production capacity.

Supporting a growing organization.

The ways our Middle Tennessee clients use staffing are as diverse as the organizations themselves. But regardless of the reason(s) your company needs staffing or recruiting services, a proactive strategy will help you:

  • save time and money;
  • access better quality people – exactly when you need them;
  • boost productivity and profitability;
  • simplify your job.

Are using our services to your greatest advantage?

Take this quick quiz to make sure that you’re being proactive – and not reactive – in the way you make staffing decisions. We’ve included a scoring guide at the bottom, so you can determine if you’re ahead of the game, or if you could be getting more bang for your staffing buck:

Answer “True” or “False” for the Following Questions:

  1. We use temporary staff primarily as fill-ins for absences or for vacations.
  2. We use technical, managerial-level and financial temporaries for project assignments, as well as using contingent workers for clerical and/or light industrial requirements.
  3. Preparing for the use of temporary and contract staffing is part of our annual planning process.
  4. We periodically evaluate our core competencies and consider outsourcing non-critical functions.
  5. We typically place staffing requests just before we need temporary workers.
  6. We conduct an orientation for every new temporary.
  7. We train contingent staff when they begin a new assignment.
  8. We have measurable performance standards for our direct employees, but not for our temporaries.
  9. We periodically review our cost-per-hire.
  10. We have compared the cost of a temporary to the cost of a direct employee in the same position.
  11. We evaluate temporary employees on the job, as a potential source of direct employees.
  12. We always call two or more staffing agencies simultaneously to see who can most quickly fill the order.

Answer Key

Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer:

  1. F
  2. T
  3. T
  4. T
  5. F
  6. T
  7. T
  8. F
  9. T
  10. T
  11. T
  12. F

How did you score?

If your total was 0 to 3, it may be time to contact Wood Personnel – we could be doing more for you.

If you scored between 4 and 7, you’re doing okay – you’re with the majority of companies today.

And if your total was 8 to 10, congratulations! You’re using staffing as a strategic tool to fuel your organization’s success.