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It’s the 4th Quarter: Finish Strong – and Create Serious Momentum for 2018

Your competition is already creating their strategic staffing plan for 2018.

What about you?

Strategic planning is a great way to set a clear course for your organization and build momentum heading into the New Year. And no plan is complete without a comprehensive staffing and recruiting plan – because you need the right people, at just the right time, to ensure you’re staffed to realize your organizational goals.

So, as you create your strategic business plan, consider its impact on your staffing and hiring needs for the year ahead. Here are a few tips from our Cool Springs staffing firm to help you finish the year strong – and create serious momentum as you head into 2018:

Look in the rear-view mirror.

Start by reflecting on 2017. Ask leaders to meet with department managers and supervisors to determine what went well – and what went wrong – with recruiting, staffing, hiring and retention over the past year. Consider the following:

  • Did your staff log too much overtime?
  • Did teams, departments or your entire organization experience significant spikes in work volume?
  • What types of employees were the toughest to recruit?
  • Did you make too many bad hires?
  • When it comes to staffing, did you spend the year in “reactive mode” – or did you plan adequately for your workforce needs?
  • What role did your staffing partner play in keeping your business running smoothly?

Assess your needs.

Once you determine the good and the bad with your 2017 staffing plan, start looking toward the year ahead. Consider:

  • What are your sales and growth goals?
  • What impact will those goals have on staffing and hiring?
  • For what roles will you likely struggle to find people with the right skills, experience and culture fit?
  • Could a flexible workforce help offset cyclicality or seasonal changes in your work volume?
  • Will you require specialized expertise for new initiatives?

Compare your company goals against the strengths and weaknesses of your current staff to determine what your needs will be in 2018.

Consult with your staffing partner.

As you evaluate goals, challenges and opportunities for next year, ask your staffing firm for their insights. Involving them in the planning stages helps ensure you:

  • properly analyze your talent needs;
  • understand your available talent supply (and shortages);
  • develop a comprehensive, strategic staffing and recruiting plan to ensure you have access to the right people – right when you need them;
  • achieve your business goals in 2018.

Schedule your free workforce consultation today.

What does your organization want to accomplish in 2018? Let our Cool Springs staffing experts help you create a smart workforce plan to thrive in the year ahead.