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Not Sure if an Employer – or Job – Is Right for You?

Take your time deciding!

Throughout Middle Tennessee, more and more employers are opting to hire new employees on a temporary-to-hire (also called temp-to-hire) basis – and with good reason. Temp-to-hire staffing allows the hiring manager to conduct a “working interview,” evaluating the candidate’s skills, experience and culture-fit while they work on assignment.

If the candidate performs well and meshes with the employer’s team, the company can transition the temporary to a direct employee. And if the temporary’s performance or culture-fit aren’t up to the employer’s requirements? The employer is under no obligation to hire them.

Pretty neat concept, right? Well, guess what:

A temp-to-hire opportunity offers similar benefits to you.

Here are a few of the advantages of temp-to-hire jobs:

Get the inside scoop. There’s only so much you can learn about a company from their website, job posting and hiring process. While you may get a quick tour of their location and interview with your potential manager, it can be hard to assess what it’s really like to work for a company. A temp-to-hire job allows you to test the waters:

  • work side-by-side with potential co-workers;
  • get to know your potential boss;
  • get a real feel for the culture and work conditions.

A typical temp-to-hire job lasts 12 weeks, which is ample time to decide if the people, job and company are right for you.

No long-term commitment. If something about the assignment – the duties, the people, the schedule, the commute – doesn’t work for you, you’re not obligated to take the job if it’s offered. You can walk away once the assignment is finished and look for a more suitable opportunity.

Similarly, if you’re trying to transition to a new line of work, a temporary-to-hire job enables you to evaluate how well-suited you are for it – without making a long-term commitment.

Build your skills and your resume. As with any assignment, temp-to-hire jobs introduce you to new lines of business, new job responsibilities and new challenges. Some opportunities even come with paid training. Whether you transition to direct employment or move onto another opportunity, you gain valuable experience that increase your marketability and earning potential.

On the job hunt?

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