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Employee Vacation Time: Make Sure Your People Use It by Year’s End!

There are less than seven weeks left in the year.

And for many Middle Tennessee employers, it’s the BUSIEST time of year.

So, why would we be writing a post about encouraging employees to take time off?

It’s simple: Research proves it’s good for business.

According to Project: Time Off, employees who take all their earned vacation have a 6.5% higher chance of getting a raise or promotion. Translation? Employees who vacation are more successful on the job.

So…why aren’t your employees taking time away?

They may be too afraid of the consequences. A survey by Glassdoor showed that:

  • 17% of employees gave up vacation time out of fear of losing their job;
  • 19% hoped it would increase their chances for a promotion;
  • 13% wanted to outperform their coworkers.

They pay too high a price. If an employee can’t trust anybody else to do their job, or if they know they’ll return to a mountain of work problems, planning time away might seem like it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

The moral of today’s post?

Take the lead – and pave the way for real employee vacations:

  • Be explicit. Tell your team what you mean by “a real vacation” (hint: a 3-day weekend is not a vacation) – and that you don’t want them checking email or voicemail. Explain why it’s important for them to truly disconnect, mentally recharge and enjoy guilt-free time away from work.
  • Create policies that support your message, so employees have an easier time getting their work covered.
  • Keep track of the time off they take. If you see that someone has accrued significant time off – and hasn’t planned to take it – give them a gentle reminder.
  • Use positive peer pressure. Make vacation-planning and tracking a public, celebrated activity in your organization. Build a culture in which employees encourage one another to take real vacations.
  • Set the example. Make sure you take your vacation, too! Your employees will follow your lead.

Need temporary coverage for year-end employee vacations?

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