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That Candidate Looks Great on Paper – But Will They Fit Your Culture? (part 2)

They certainly have the skills and experience you’re looking for.

But will that new hire thrive on the job – or clash with your team?

In our first post of this “hiring for cultural fit” series, we detailed hiring techniques you can use to gauge how well a potential employee will match your organizational culture. Not surprisingly, one of the best tactics you can use is asking revealing questions during the interview.

So today, our Gallatin recruiters share their favorite interview questions for assessing soft skills, work style and other important aspects of culture fit. Select and customize a few to ask the next time you’re interviewing – and make your hiring even more successful:

In what type of work environment are you most productive?

Does the candidate enjoy working in the quiet? Do they need a structured work day to perform at their peak? Do they thrive in a laid-back environment? Understanding their natural preferences is an important first step in gauging cultural fit.

How would you describe your work style?

Is yours a fast-paced business that values speed? Do you have an open office floor plan and appreciate collaboration and teamwork? Your candidate has preferences, too. Match their answers to your workplace’s style to find your best-fit candidate.

What motivates you?

Motivation is the foundation of all work. Understanding what drives an individual – whether it’s money, promotions or verbal recognition – can help you determine if your work environment and management team will provide sufficient motivation to sustain high performance.

Describe a complex challenge you faced as part of a team or group. How did you overcome it?

If teamwork is an important part of your available job, your potential employee should be able to handle group dynamics well. In their response, note the role the interviewee played, as well as how they describe the interactions they had with co-workers.

How do you prefer to communicate with others?

Not everyone communicates – or responds to communication – in the same way. Understanding a candidate’s preferred method – email, phone, instant messaging – can help identify potential barriers that may form between people with different communication styles.

Tell me about your last really stressful situation at work. Why did it occur and how did you handle it?

If your work environment becomes stressful, you need employees with exceptional coping skills who can perform at high levels while under pressure. This question will help you understand how well a candidate manages their emotions and handles adversity. Look for a response that demonstrates an ability to prioritize, and sound decision-making under challenging circumstances.

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