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2019: The End of the Resume as We Know It?

With so much of today’s job search moving online, you may wonder:

Will 2019 be the year the resume becomes obsolete?

Our job market is becoming increasingly dominated by social networking sites. With just a few clicks you can apply to a job on Facebook; LinkedIn allows you to apply to many positions using your profile in lieu of a resume. And while statistics vary, it’s estimated that between 70 to 95 percent of employers use social media to post jobs, recruit candidates and screen job applicants.

Social sites have undeniably become an essential way for employers and job seekers to connect:

  • Platforms are interactive, encouraging near- or real-time conversations between recruiters and talent.
  • They exponentially increase your visibility, making your skills, experience and achievements instantly accessible to anyone who searches for them.
  • Social media makes networking simpler, allowing you to rapidly expand your circle of professional contacts.

The question is, are social profiles kicking your resume to the curb?

Absolutely not.

While it’s true that parts of your resume may be obsolete:

  • A land line phone number. Unless you’re home 24/7, list your mobile number (you don’t want to miss that recruiter’s call when you’re getting groceries).
  • Your GPA. If you’ve been out of school for five years or longer, remove it.
  • Your Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL email address. These email domains scream “I’m stuck in the 90s!” Sign up for a free Gmail address.
  • Overly formal language. Your resume should be professional, not stuffy. Use plain, straightforward language, and minimize the use of jargon and buzzwords.

Your resume isn’t dead (at least not yet). Instead of thinking as social media as a replacement for your resume, think of these platforms as an extension of it. To optimize your job search, use these tips to modernize – and amplify the impact of – your resume:

  • Move beyond “responsible for” and “duties include.” Recruiters understand the basics of common jobs, so don’t waste valuable space. Focus on your achievements and the impact you’ve made in the organizations where you’ve worked.
  • Customize your resume for each job to which you apply. Unlike social media, you can easily tweak your resume before submitting, so that it highlights the reasons you’re a great candidate.
  • Upload or link to your resume from your social profiles. While you lose the benefit of customization, you make your resume instantly available to recruiters (and put yourself in contention for jobs you don’t even know about).
  • Button down your social media profiles. Don’t undermine your candidacy by “oversharing” online. Use each platform’s privacy settings to control the content recruiters can find.

Bottom line, to conduct a comprehensive job search in 2019 and beyond, you’re going to need a resume and social media profiles. And if you’re looking for the best jobs in Middle TN, let our Cool Springs employment agency make your search simpler and more successful. Contact a Wood Personnel recruiter today or search Nashville area jobs here.