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In Case You Missed It…

Hard to believe 2018 is nearly “in the books!”

Looking back, this year has been one of unprecedented challenges and amazing opportunities. Along the way, Wood Personnel has regularly updated our blog to help you make the most of our current economic and employment market conditions.

Our goal? To make finding great people or a great job in Middle Tennessee easier.

If you’ve missed any of our weekly installations, don’t worry. Today, we’re presenting our “Best of 2018” list: our readers’ favorite posts from this year. And if you need staffing, recruiting or job search assistance, please give our Middle TN employment agency a call!

Top Job Search and Career Advice Posts

You Can Do This: Networking Tips to Promote Career Growth

Are you doing everything you can to grow your professional network? Whether you’re aiming for a promotion or would like to move your career in a new direction, use these tips to expand your network and get ahead.

Frustrated at Work? Don’t Complain; Do This Instead

When things don’t go your way on the job, it’s tempting to whine – but that won’t get you anywhere. Complaining just doesn’t work, and it can undermine your career. If you’re looking for more constructive alternatives, this post contains four actions that feel better than griping – and boost your career.

First Impressions Count! Here’s How to Impress a Recruiter – and Get That Job

Unemployment may be low right now, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put your best foot forward when meeting a recruiter for the first time. In this post, we share our favorite ideas for making a positive, lasting first impression on the hiring decision-makers who matter most.

Top Hiring and Workforce Management Posts

Want to Build a Better Bottom Line? Develop This One Skill in Your Team

Spoiler alert: The skill is strategic thinking. Strategic thinkers are problem-solvers who keep your company’s big picture and long-term success in mind – and research proves they’re essential to a healthy bottom line. How can you get your team to think more strategically? Read this post to find out.

Cut That Out! Stop Doing These Things That Sabotage Workplace Productivity

As a manager or supervisor, part of your role is helping yourself and your direct reports to develop better productivity habits – while eliminating activities that waste valuable time and energy. In this post, we share three bad habits you and your employees should STOP doing, if you want to get more done.

Is Skipping Background Checks Wise? 4 Reasons You May Want to Consider It

The realities of our workforce are changing. With qualified candidates in short supply and rapidly spreading ban-the-box legislation, is it time to eliminate background checks? Only you can decide on the best policy for your organization, but this post reviews four reasons you may want to consider skipping this part of candidate vetting in today’s employment market.

From all of us at Wood Personnel, have a wonderful holiday – and a prosperous New Year!