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Job Search Taking Too Long? Speed Things Up With These Four Strategies

Looking for a new job? Then you know it takes some time. However, as leading career advisors in Nashville, Wood Personnel Services knows if it’s been months and you still haven’t gotten any offers (or you’re not hearing back at all), then you could be approaching your search wrong.

Four Job Search Strategies to Improve Your Luck

Know What You Want

This sounds like a no-brainer. However, if you’re spending a lot of time applying to jobs you’re not sure you want in the first place, you’re wasting your time and the hiring manager’s. That’s why it’s important to be honest with yourself before you start your search so you can ensure it’s as focused as possible.

Are you looking for a move up?

Perhaps you want to make a lateral jump, just with a different company?

Or maybe you’re looking for something completely new?

Whatever the case, only you know what you really want. And for your job search to go as quickly as possible, you need to know what that is.

Spend More Time Networking

It’s the last thing you want to hear, but networking is truly one of the best and fastest ways you can find a new job. First, you’ll hear about jobs that aren’t advertised. Second, you’ll able to get your foot in the door through a referral. And hiring managers are far more interested in candidates who come to them from a trusted source. So, invest as much time as you can in good, old-fashioned networking.

Customize Your Resume

Resumes might seem outdated to you in today’s fast-paced, tech-savvy world. But they’re still how hiring managers find and screen the candidates they want to bring in for interviews. And if you’re sending the same boilerplate resume to every company, you’re not going to get many calls for interviews.

Instead, apply to fewer positions and spend more time honing each resume so it’s pitch-perfect when you submit it. Read through the job description, review the company website, and then tie your background and abilities directly into the opportunity. It’s a surefire way to stand out more and get noticed faster by hiring managers.

Showcase Your Value

Too many job candidates talk about their past tasks and responsibilities in positions. But that’s not a recipe for getting hired. Employers want to know the value you can offer and what you can do for them.

So, if you want to get hired faster, demonstrate your worth in quantifiable ways on your resume and during interviews. Talk about how you’ve saved past employers time, money, headaches and hassles – and how you can do the same for this potential employer, too.

Want More Tips on Getting Hired Faster?

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