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Skills That Stand Out When Looking for a Manufacturing Position

Working in manufacturing today is much different than 10 and 20 years ago. Today’s employers are looking for a higher-level employee who can have a bigger impact on the bottom line. So, if you’re looking for a manufacturing job in Nashville, what skills will help you to stand out?

Four Skills That Stand Out When Looking for a Manufacturing Position

Critical Thinking

When it comes to working in manufacturing, companies need employees who can quickly assess a situation, identify a problem and come up with a solution. To do this, it’s vital you have critical-thinking skills. There are many situations on any given day that can arise in a warehouse setting that will require strong problem-solving abilities. To demonstrate yours, be prepared to talk about specific instances in which you solved problems in past positions.

Focus on Safety

With workers’ compensation costs constantly on the rise, it’s vital for employers to have team members who have an eye toward safety. It’s not only important to follow the rules, but also to be on the lookout for potential hazards and issues that could cause an incident or injury in the warehouse. During your interview, talk about your safety record and steps you’ve taken in past positions to ensure your workplace remained safe.

Focus on Time

In addition to being safety-oriented, it’s also important for employees to be deadline-oriented. If a company can’t get orders out the door quickly and reliably, the bottom line is going to take a big hit. When talking to a hiring manager, talk about your time-management skills and how you’re able to meet tight deadlines under pressure.


Even if you have the strongest skill set, you’re not going to be much use to a company if you’re not dependable too. Employers need people who show up on time, do what they’re supposed to and don’t need to be micromanaged. When you can demonstrate to a hiring manager you have this track record, you’ll make a more positive impression on them.

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