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Balancing Comfort and Safety: How to Dress for Manufacturing Work

Manufacturing can be a tricky industry to navigate, particularly when it comes to appropriate attire. You want to be comfortable because you’ll be working hard and extremely physical all day long, but you also have to consider safety. Flip-flops, for example, are really comfortable, especially now that the weather’s warming up, but they’re probably not very safe. You’re more likely to trip and your toes are exposed—closed-toed shoes or even steel-toed boots are probably the way to go. Here’s how to dress for manufacturing work.

Be Efficient

Efficiency should always be a priority in the workplace, and the most basic way to start that is by the way you dress. You need to wear clothes that fit and that won’t get in the way while you’re working or operating machinery and equipment. If you’re constantly rolling up your sleeves, pulling up your pants, or pulling other baggy clothing out of your way, you’re probably wasting precious time and energy. Dress in clothes that fit and wear clothing with pockets that you can easily move around it.

Dress for Comfort

If you work outside or in a large building with poor climate control, make sure you dress for the weather. This means layers for the winter time and loose, breathable clothing for the summer.

Look Professional and Respectful

Your clothes should always be neat, unwrinkled, clean, and well-maintained. You never know which boss or important customer is going to walk in and request a tour of the facility. If you have clothes that are ripped, dirty, or covered in profane words or logos, you certainly aren’t making the company look good. Plus, you’re trying to establish rapport and camaraderie with your coworkers, so if you have something inappropriate on your shirt that offends one of them, it’s not a good way to make friends and establish teamwork. These are the people you need to watch your back and look out for your safety, so keep them on your side.

Wear the Appropriate Safety Equipment

The proper personal protective equipment is an absolute must. This means hard hats, safety goggles, gloves, a reflective vest, close-toed or steel toed boots, and maybe more. You should already know what your company’s policies are, so make sure you’re following them. Remember that those policies are in place for a reason—your health and safety is on the line.

Sport Your Company’s Logo

You can almost never go wrong with a polo shirt, fleece, sweatshirt, or button-down with your company’s logo on it. You’ll look professional and company-loyal. That company attire was given to you for a reason—it must be appropriate for the workplace and your managers will surely love to see you wear it.

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