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How much follow-up is too much follow up with an interviewer?

You just had a great interview. Everything went well, you connected with the interviewer, you’re among the top contenders and you’re feeling hopeful. But did you know your follow-up is very important—and can have a negative impact on the interviewer’s impression of you? It can even hurt your chance of being hired—so you want to do it right!

How Often Should You Follow Up After a Job Interview

When and how often you follow up plays a part in whether or not you get the job. But have no fear! Just follow these tips from one of the leading sources of jobs in Murfreesboro TN, Wood Personnel:

Right After Your Interview

This is perhaps your most critical follow-up communication. You might choose to send an email or write a thank you card. Send your email in the afternoon if you had a morning interview, or the next morning if you had an afternoon interview. And if you send a note, get it in the mail right away after your interview.

Two Days After the Employer’s Set a Follow-Up Date

Most interviewers will tell you during your interview, “We’ll follow up with you in XX days.” If you haven’t heard back by then, reach back out two days after their set date by email to check-in and see if they’ve made their hiring decision.

On Their Set Check-In Date

If an interviewer didn’t say they’d reach out but instead said, “If you don’t hear from us, check-in by XX date,” that’s when you should follow back up with them.

Two Weeks After Your Last Check-In

If after your last check in you haven’t heard back within two weeks, it’s acceptable to reach back out only if your interview went well and follow-up feedback has been positive. Simply reach out by email to say you’re wondering if they’ve reached their hiring decision because you’re very interested in the position.

Know When to Let Bygones by Bygones

If after this last follow-up you still haven’t heard anything, it’s reasonable to assume they’ve gone with another candidate. But that’s OK—the right job for you is out there. Simply move on and pick your job search back up.

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