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Question: How Can I Get a Job I’m Seemingly Unqualified For?

Searching for a new job can be frustrating. It takes time to scour the internet for possible job openings, prepare your cover letter and resume, and then apply. Applicant Tracking Systems, used by many companies, automatically scan your document for keywords—and they can cause your resume to be filtered out even before anyone human has reviewed it. You may have also noticed many job openings seem to list unreasonable qualifications—an excessive amount of education and experience, for example, for a minimal job title. What can you do to help increase your chances of being hired? 

Contact the hiring manager directly 

Let’s say you don’t have all the qualifications listed in a job description. In some cases, it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re a fast learner with transferable skills. However, an Applicant Tracking System will still weed you out if you submit your resume by that means. You can catch more attention by contacting the hiring manager directly—with a letter explaining why you’re interested in the job and that you want to learn more, plus your cover letter and resume. To determine who the hiring manager is, you can contact the Human Resources department of the company and simply ask.  


Another way to get your foot in the door at a company and land a position for which you’re not entirely qualified is to meet people who work there. And you have a few options to do this. You can get active on social media by connecting with people on LinkedIn or participating in group discussions. You can also attend industry conferences and events at which you know the company will have attendees. Job fairs are also a good way to meet representatives from a company you’re interested in working for.  

Work with a recruiter 

A recruiter will work with you to understand your skills and career passion, and place you with job matches that fit. Your recruiter is also your direct contact to a potential employer and will lobby for your if he or she thinks you’re the top candidate for a job. Since many employers work exclusively with recruiters to fill job openings, a recruiter’s opinion has a lot of weight. This a valuable ally to have in your job search.   

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