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Working with a staffing firm during peak production

The Value in a Staffing Firm to Help You Navigate Peak Production Season

Most industries encounter a season each year when demand increases. In health insurance, it’s in the fall, right before January enrollment. In the food service and hospitality industries, demand peaks in the summertime, when many customers are on vacation and going out more. In retail, the winter holidays are crunch time, as customers scramble to buy gifts. Your industry determines when your peak season hits, but regardless—it’s a time when you need more staff.  

Why it helps to work with a staffing agency 

Finding, hiring and onboarding staff can be a burden when you have the management of your business to take care of. And this is why a staffing agency is a valuable partner. Your recruiter will work with you to understand your needs and help you formulate a plan for a staffing mix. Then, he or she will handle any or all the steps involved in the hiring process. This can include everything from finding and interviewing to onboarding and training new workers. You can rest assured your staffing needs are covered, which will help you continue to meet customer demand during your busy season. 

Consider temporary workers 

One strategy your recruiter will likely recommend is hiring temporary employees during your busy season. This way, you can staff up with more hands when you need them, but avoid the issue of underutilized and bored workers once the business slows down and there isn’t as much to do—a problem you could run into by hiring more permanent-placement staff.  

Temporary employees help you preserve your permanent staff by taking on a chunk of the extra work, thus preventing anyone from becoming overworked. They also help you save money on employee benefits costs, as these are handled by their employer (the staffing agency).  

And if you’re worried about temp workers being underqualified, have no fear. Your recruiter will work hard to find temp employees with the qualifications you require, through access to a deep talent pool of both active and passive candidates.  

In need of a staffing partner? 

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