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Four Reasons to Deploy an Employee Referral Program

The hiring process is time-consuming!

When you consider all the steps, it can be a lengthy process—and at the end of all that work, you want to be sure your hiring choices stick. By using an employee referral program, you can engage your workers in the hiring process, plus help improve the quality of your hires.  

Check out these top four reasons from one of the leading staffing agencies in Nashville, TN as to why an employee referral program can be a valuable tool for your company: 

Save Time

It’s no secret that posting job openings, scouring the internet for potential hires, reviewing resumes, holding interviews and making hiring decisions takes time. You can shave valuable time off your hiring process when you ask employees to bring the potential candidates to you through your employee referral program.  

Save Money

Time is money. Paid advertising is also money—that you won’t need to spend if your employees are doing a chunk of the work for you. Speedier hiring times plus less need to advertise equals savings.  

Avoid Turnover

An employee referral program sends an important message to your staff: I trust you enough to make hiring suggestions. This is a powerful motivator in an engaged and happy workforce. Plus, high-caliber, hard-working employees likely know other individuals of the same mindset, which can add to the strength of your workforce. Altogether, you’ll get satisfied current workers and promising future workers—a big win for career longevity with your company.  

Build Culture

When coworkers get along, it adds to the positive atmosphere of your workplace. It stands to reason that bringing on new workers that get along with your current employees (i.e., employee referrals) will add to cohesive company culture.  

Do You Have a Staffing Partner? 

In addition to an employee referral program, a staffing agency is a valuable ally in your hiring process. Your recruiter will work with you to understand your staffing needs and will place you with the very best candidates for the job. You’ll save time, improve the quality of your hiring choices and further boost your hiring process.  

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