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Can you land a job in Tennessee with little to no past work experience in the field?

If you’re in search of work but have very little (or almost no) experience—what should you do? The tricky part is that most employers look for work experience in new hires, but in order to gain that experience, you need a job. So if you’ve just recently graduated and don’t have much to report in the work history section of your resume, or you’re attempting to change fields, you may feel stuck. But never fear—you can take steps that make it easier to find your first (or next) job. Just check out this information from a leading source of jobs in Murfreesboro TN—Wood Personnel.

Create a Skills Section Within Your Resume

The good news is that many skills you’ll learn throughout your career are transferable to just about any job. You may have even picked up a few as you completed your studies, or during a past unrelated position. You can list these skills within a skills section, which should be at the very beginning of your resume. Top skills employers look for are:


Being able to understand the needs of others and clearly explain your own needs are key to performing well in any job.


You’d be surprised how many positions rely on the ability to convey information through the written word. Writing and grammar skills are almost always beneficial in your job search.

Microsoft Office

This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. If you have experience using these programs, it’s a good thing to include in your resume.

Telephone Skills

Not everyone is great at phone conversations. But this is a skill that will help you, especially in a customer service or administrative/office role.


Would you consider yourself an organized person? This can help you in your job search.


As you completed your education, what challenges did you tackle that required problem-solving skills? Include the most important experience in your resume.


The ability to work well with others is critical in most jobs.

Motivation. Are you ready to work hard and do well at your job? Let this show through in your resume. Passion is an extremely desirable skill in a top job candidate.

Keep Going

If you’re having a hard time finding a job, don’t let yourself stagnate. Keep busy by volunteering, joining activities in your community, attending networking events and meeting new people. You’ll learn new things to add to your resume. And by talking to people, you may hear of job opportunities.

A Recruiter Can Help!

Your recruiter is a valuable partner in your job search, who can help you access both advertised and “hidden” positions. And if you’re looking for work in Murfreesboro, TN and beyond, check out Wood Personnel. To learn more, contact us today!