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Does Your Work Environment Promote Productivity or Laziness

Does Your Work Environment Promote Productivity or Laziness?

The sights and sounds that surround employees influence how productive they are during a workday. The work environment is made up of structural surroundings, but also people, and has a lot to do with the tone or mood created by that setting. Aenvironment that’s conducive to getting work done is key—it can’t be too stifling or too distracting, but just the right blend of comfort and focus. 

Four ways to improve the work environment 

As an employer, you have a huge say in the quality of the work environment that surrounds your employees. If you’re looking to make helpful and supportive enhancements, consider the following tips from one of the leading staffing agencies in Lebanon, TN: 

1. Keep the office clean and comfortable.

Get rid of clutter, which can be distracting and make it difficult for employees to get work done. If you have old furniture or outdated equipment, make upgrades, so nothing is old and dingy. Be sure all employees have comfortable work stations.  

2. Pay attention to lighting. 

Lighting that’s harsh, too bright, or too dim makes it difficult for employees to work. If you can, allow for natural lighting, as it can help reduce eye fatigue and increase happiness. When you can let the sunshine in, definitely do.  

3. Upgrade the decor.

Are walls a bland shade of taupe? Infusing a little color into the paint and upholstery selections can be refreshing to employees. Plants and interesting artwork can also add to the appeal of the workplace. 

4. Infuse a little fun into the office. 

Does your break room leave much to be desired? Comfortable break spaces are all the rage with top companies these days—and yours can be one of them! Popular options are TV and video game lounges, ping pong tables, comfy chairs, workout rooms, and more.  

Try to focus on one change at a time 

Of course, budget is a consideration when upgrading the work environment, plus certain changes can be disruptive to your workers while underway (such as painting, replacing carpeting, etc.). Choose one upgrade at a time and go from there. A boost in productivity is worth the effort.  

Looking to staff up? 

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