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Head into 2020 with job descriptions candidates will actually apply to!

Looking to hire more staff in 2020? One of your first steps is also one of the easiest: crafting compelling job descriptions. If you can catch the eye of top talent and get them to read more, you’re one step closer to getting them onboard with your company. It’s easy with these four tips from one of the leading staffing agencies In Nashville, TN 

Four tips for crafting attractive job descriptions 

If your job descriptions are boring and generic, it’s likely candidates will assume the job is also boring and generic. And that’s not the impression you want to create! Just the opposite—you want to drum up interest in your business with job descriptions that do opportunity justice. Here’s what you should include to write must-read descriptions that will help you attract the best and the brightest.  

  1. A clear, specific job title. Don’t be confusing or misleading with your title. If a candidate needs to decipher what you mean, they probably won’t take the time and will instead keep scrolling. Your job descriptions should be straight forward, which will also help them appear more frequently in searches on Monster and Indeed. Include common industry words and avoid internal company jargon.  
  2. An interesting summary. Here’s where you can get a little more creative. Your job summary should be the opening of the description. It should say what the job entails and can also include a little about the company. Bonus points if you highlight what makes your company unique and why someone would want to work for you.  
  3. Qualifications that include must-haves and nice-to-haves. It’s important not to go overboard with the must-have qualifications. Keep it simple and stick to skills and knowledge that are absolutely essential, with the understanding that the right candidate will be able to learn many things along the way. An intimidating qualifications list can scare off even the best candidates.  
  4. Perks. What makes it fun and interesting to work for your company? Culture is a buzzword these days, and many candidates are very concerned with enjoying their job, workplace and fellow employees. Feel free to list out the activities, events and benefits employees enjoy as part of your company.  

Your job descriptions matter! 

You want to keep them specific, but interesting and all the while avoiding gimmicks. You can read more and gain additional tips by checking out this e-book 

And if you’re in search of new employees, check out Wood Personnel. We’ll work with you to spruce up your job descriptions, understand your staffing goals, and find candidates who fit.