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Three ways to look to your alumni network for a job in 2020

Your alma mater is the place where you learned, built memories and earned your degree. For these reasons and more, it’s a source of pride for many graduates. It also gives you a connection to all those who passed through the hallowed halls with you. As your college or university sent hundreds or even thousands into the working world, your fellow alums can be a great source of information about potential job leads. So what’s the best way to connect if you’ve lost touch? 

Three ways to network with alumni from your school 

Reaching out can be awkward if you don’t go about it the right way. So to maximize your chances of a positive experience, just follow these networking tips from a leading provider of jobs in Gallatin, TN:  

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute. Strong networking takes time if you want to build up a professional relationship. If you’re reaching out right when you need a job, your interactions can come across as rushed, insincere and needy—an impression you don’t want to make on another working professional. Instead, take your time and reach out far in advance of when your professional connections may be needed.  
  2. Be choosy. One of the best places to connect is on LinkedIn. But be deliberate about who you ask to connect with. Choose people you interacted with regularly at school or those with whom you have common grounds (such as the same major). These connections will make it more likely that people will accept your requests to connect.  
  3. Reach out and say hello. If you’re connected on LinkedIn, reaching out is as easy as sending a private messageasking the person how they are and what they’ve been up to. If you still have their email address, you can also connect in this manner with the same questions. Start the conversation and let it develop naturally. Then, it’s already established when your job search is underwayand asking about job openings will be a much easier (and less awkward) conversation.  

A recruiter can help! 

Of course, it always a good idea to have a broad professional network. But working with a staffing agency is also a valuable way to have allies in your corner when it’s time to find a new job.  

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