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HR Tips: Dealing with Workplace Romances

Your employees spend a lot of time together each week! They’re around coworkers more than family and friends. All this togetherness can sometimes lead to dating and relationships (and possibly even marriage). But with relationships come many strings—what happens if the couple breaks up? What happens if one person is a manager, or gets promoted?

Dating in the workplace can be tricky. If things are going well, an employee can become distracted. If things aren’t going so well, dating can lead to tension and conflicts. For these reasons, some employees may choose to avoid the situation, while others may need guidance on how to proceed. As a company leader, it helps to know how to support employees when it comes to the question of dating at work—and you can follow these tips from one of the leading staffing agencies In Lebanon, TN.

Five Ways to Guide Employees About Coworker Relationships

When talking to an employee about an office romance, it can help to cover the following points:

Remain Professional

Work must still be accomplished while on the job, and it’s important to follow standard office behavior. This means avoiding public displays of affection with the person you’re dating, such as holding hands or kissing. Your behavior towards each other should in no way make the employees around you uncomfortable. It’s important to save “dating behavior” outside of work.

Don’t Let the Relationship Cloud Your Performance

Remember it’s important to keep up with all your coworkers and continue networking. Only taking your lunch break with the person you’re dating, for example, can hamper your contact with other employees. Continuing to build business relationships will help you stay productive and focused.

Balance Work and Home

You may be tempted to discuss personal topics with the person you’re dating while in the office in front of other coworkers. But this can make people uncomfortable and freeze them out of conversations—exactly what you don’t want to do at work.

Work on Separate Projects

This is easier if you’re in different departments. Working on the same project can lead to competing against each other, which can be dangerous if you’re invested in the relationship. It can also make other people on the project feel as if they’re being slighted.

Know What to Do if the Relationship Doesn’t Work Out

Best case scenario it does, but there’s always the possibility it might not. You’ll still need to remain civil around each other, follow company business ethics and refrain from spreading rumors about the other person. If you’re ever concerned about your safety, always feel free to contact your manager or human resources to report harassment concerns.

Check with Your Recruiter

He or she wants you to do well at your job and can offer advice about dating in the workplace. Your recruiter is an important ally in your job success.

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