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Why the second shift might be best for you

A “second shift” job is one that starts in the afternoon and ends late evening, for example, from 4 p.m. to midnight. It makes up the second portion of a workday that’s divided in three (usually daytime, nighttime and overnight shifts, or first shift, second shift, and third shift). When you work the second shift, you’ll be punching in when the first shift people are signing out for the day, and as you prepare to clock out and head home, the third shift workers will be high-fiving you as they walk in the door.   

Three reasons why you might prefer the second shift 

Since it’s not your typical “9-5” gig, you might wonder if the second shift is right for you. And like anything else, second shift work offers its own unique advantages that might make it appealing to you. Consider the following three perks from a leading provider of jobs in Gallatin, TN: 

  1. Two words: sleeping in. Not a morning person? No worries! With a second shift job, you don’t have to be! You can wake up late, enjoy a cup of coffee while you watch the news, and take your time getting ready. You’ll never need to wake up before the sun rises!  
  2. Less traffic. Along with waking up late comes the added bonus of missing rush hour traffic—both ways! Your commute will fall at different times than most other people, allowing you to spend less time in transit to your job—and adding extra minutes or hours to your free time.   
  3. You can fit in daytime appointments and errands. During the day is when health care offices are open. You’ll never need to take time off work to get your teeth cleaned or vision checked. Plus, you can hit the grocery store, mall, or mechanic during times that are much less congested—saving you time and frustration.  


If second shift work sounds like it would be a good fit, it can help to work with a recruiter. A staffing agency will make it faster and easier to find a job than searching on your own. Plus, recruiters have the inside track on many opportunities that aren’t advertised to the public. That’s because many employers work exclusively with recruiters to fill open positions.  

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