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Prevent potentially dangerous April Fool’s Day pranks

It’s good to have a sense of humor, but not when it jeopardizes the safety of your workers. You may be in a work environment where employees are simply too busy to worry about pulling off a prank, and if that’s the case, you’re likely in good shape as April Fool’s Day approaches. But, as the blue ribbon of all opportunities for employees to prank each other, if you hear the word of pranks afoot, you may want to step in and take action.  

Three ways to manage pranks on April Fool’s Day 

What can you do to ensure all jokes stay light-hearted and harm-free? It’s up to you to encourage safe practices among your employees, including the management of potential April Fool’s Day pranks.  

You can mediate the situation with the following three tactics from one of the leading staffing agencies in Nashville, TN:  

  1. Set the rules. It’s hard to predict the sensitivity of those around you and how they will react to being “pranked.” So if you decide to embrace the spirit of the day, you’ll need to lay some ground rules for your employees in terms of what is within—and off—limits for pranks. Anything that could harm the reputation of the business or the well-being of employees should be off-limits. This is certainly not an extensive list, so it’s important to carefully consider what could become material for pranks and build rules around it.  
  2. Set the consequences. What happens if a prank goes too far? In order to avoid any dangerous or upsetting situations, meet with employees in advance of April Fool’s Day to explain what types of pranks are offlimits and the consequences for those who break the rules. However, you may simply decide there are too many risks involved in allowing pranks and advise against them—with consequences for employees who decide to prank anyway.  
  3. Set a good example. It’s important for employees to understand that not everyone has the same sense of humor—and what one person finds funny, someone else may not appreciate. Make this part of your conversation, including a reminder to be respectful of all employees in the workplace.   

Time to staff up? 

As you work hard to manage your workers, you may reach a point when you realize you need more of them—during times of growth, leaves of absence or special projects. And if you’re not sure where to start, Wood Personnel can help. We work with employers in Tennessee to find and place light industrial and office staff—and we’re ready to meet you! To learn more, contact Wood Personnel today.