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What Do I Wear to an Industrial Job Interview?

Clothes matter. Ask anyone who is preparing to interview a potential candidate. The clothes you wear show that you’re taking the situation seriously and that you have respect for the person interviewing you, as well as for yourself. Your clothing helps display your professionalism and commitment to doing well at the interview. And to understand what to wear, just follow these tips from a leading provider of jobs in Gallatin, TN.

Interview Attire Differs by Industry

As long as your clothes are clean, in good shape (no hanging threads, stains or holes), and fit well, interviews for some industries can be more casual than others. This includes interviews for industrial jobs. You don’t need to wear a suit—but plan to choose from the following options:

Men: Khakis or dress pants with a button down or polo shirt are all appropriate. Since you’ll be entering an environment where there might be a slippery surface, choose sturdy shoes that are in good shape (not sneakers). No tie is necessary. You might want to get a fresh haircut. If you have a beard, be sure it’s well-groomed. Avoid cologne.

Women: Khakis or dress pants with a dress shirt or blouse are appropriate. You may also choose to wear a skirt. Avoid high heels, and choose shoes that are sturdy (not sneakers). You might want to get a fresh haircut, or tie your hair back. Avoid too much jewelry, makeup or perfume.

When in doubt

If you’re really not sure what to wear, you can always call the Human Resources department of the company to check on interview dress code. You can also check with your recruiter. He or she wants you to do well, and will always be ready with tips to help your interview go smoothly.

In need of a recruiter?

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