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Why you should pick up the phone when a recruiter calls

Whether you’re happily employed or not-so-happily employed, a recruiter is a valuable ally to have on your side. But if you’re contacted out of the blue, you might not be sure how to respond. Well, the answer is: don’t ignore a recruiter’s call! To understand why, check out these reasons from a top provider of jobs in Middle Tennessee—Wood Personnel Services.

You may learn about an exciting opportunity

Until you pick up the phone, you really have no idea what the recruiter is calling you about. And consider this—recruiters pride themselves on the quality of their job matches. They want to do the very best for their clients, to ensure these clients continue to work with them. So if a recruiter calls you, there’s an excellent chance you’re a good match for a job they have in their pipeline. And if that’s the case, there’s also a good chance you’re a few steps ahead of other candidates in line for that same job. AND what if it’s an opportunity you can’t easily refuse? You won’t know until you answer that call.

Get industry insight

As you chat with the recruiter, you can learn things that will help you in your career, even if you decide the job they’re calling about isn’t quite right for you. For example, what other job openings exist in your area? How much are others making in comparison to you? These—and more—questions might pop up in your conversation with the recruiter.

No job is 100 percent secure

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. Very few people stay in the same job for their entire careers, and many will experience layoffs or downsizing. Therefore, adding a recruiter to your list of professional contacts can help you in the future if you ever find yourself out of work. Another great reason to pick up that phone!

Stay on record

If you’re not interested in the job for which you’re being contacted, perhaps the recruiter knows of other jobs you might be interested in. There’s no harm in explaining your interests and asking about any other potential matches or asking the recruiter to please keep you on file if something comes up. You just never know!

In search of a recruiter?

Maybe you haven’t been contacted, but you understand the value of a recruiter and you’re interested in finding one. If that’s the case, check out Wood Personnel Services. We specialize in matching qualified candidates with a variety of positions, including light industrial & warehouse, office & administrative, or technical & management placement.

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