Wood Words

Celebrating Memorial Day—At a Distance

Get out of the house and celebrate while staying safe and healthy.

Have a Block Party

Instead of the backyard, move your cookout to the front yard. Grab your favorite foods and enjoy a meal outside. It’s as simple as setting up a table in your driveway and chatting with your neighbors—while staying six feet apart.

Go Camping in Your Backyard

Invite over some friends or family for a backyard campout and a break from the confinements of home. Have everyone help pitch a tent and set up chairs around a fire pit while maintaining social distancing.

Go on a Bear Hunt or Scavenger Hunt

If you have kids that need to get out on an adventure, try taking them on a Teddy Bear hunt. It could be something you organize with your neighbors through a neighborhood Facebook Page, Group, or Event. Not only will the kids look forward to it, but you may be surprised at how many senior citizens will enjoy seeing the kids as they make their way through the neighborhood.

Movie on the Lawn

Set up an outdoor movie theater and share your favorite movies with friends or family. You’ll need a projector, an outdoor movie screen, an open area, and blankets. Just make sure you place your blankets at least six feet apart. Hand sanitizer and food can also be portioned out beforehand, utilizing individual trays and bottled beverages.

Have a Car Gathering

Get your family or friends together at the local park for a car gathering. Bring along some outdoor chairs, blankets, snacks, and good conversation.