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Staying Motivated During an Unproductive Day at Work

How to Motivate Yourself Amidst an Otherwise Unproductive and Frustrating Day at Work

If you’re having a bad day, it can rob you of your motivation and focus. Getting disappointing news or being on the receiving end of unfortunate events outside your control (for example a traffic jam or someone else’s bad mood) can do a number on your outlook and even your confidence. But if you use a few key techniques, you can learn to keep workday events separate from your feelings and keep a positive outlook.

Five Ways to Stay Motivated Despite a Bad Day

You can help yourself stay on track, no matter what your day has in store for you. Just follow these tips from one of the top hiring agencies in Nashville

  1. Keep things specific. One common way to really take a bad day to heart and let it dampen your mood is by overgeneralizing. For example, let’s say a client wasn’t thrilled with a project you delivered. Rather than saying to yourself, “I guess I’m just bad at my job,” instead think about all the possible reasons for the negative feedback. It could be due to a circumstance outside your control, or it could be due to something you’ll need to address and improve. But whatever the reason, keep it connected to this specific situation. 
  2. Think about something positive. Despite whatever is upsetting you, what are you grateful for in your life? You may be experiencing a setback at work but really love your job, or the city you live in. Maybe you’re thankful for a special person in your life, or a skill you’re especially good at. No matter how big or small, thinking about the good things in your life helps put a bad day into perspective.  
  3. Make a plan for the future. It could be the near or distant future. Maybe you plan to grab a coffee from your favorite café as a pick-me-up during your lunch, or maybe you’re looking forward to an upcoming vacation. When you’re having a bad day, brainstorm something to look forward to. 
  4. Avoid making big decisions. A negative situation can rob you of the ability to think clearly, so it might be best to give yourself a break from decision making if you’re having a bad day. You might decide to respond to email messages with, “Let me think about it, and I will get back to you tomorrow.” Don’t put extra pressure on yourself to make any major decisions if the day is getting away from you. Be gentle with yourself, breathe, and heal before responding. 
  5. Take a break. It’s OK to step away from your desk and take a walk outside or do something enjoyable for a few minutes when you’re feeling down. Taking a break lets you clear your head and return to your work refreshed. 

Too Many Bad Days in a Row?

If you’re finding that bad days at work are more the rule than the exception, it may be time to look for something new. Too much negativity at work can lead to stress and start to deplete your well-being. A change may be just what you need to feel better. 

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