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Looking for a Job in Nashville

Who Else is Looking for a Job and Doesn’t Currently Have One?

You’re updating your resume or LinkedIn and you come across your job title. Uh, oh.

You’d love to type something in, but here’s the problem. You’re not currently employed. You’re newly graduated or you’ve been laid off during COVID-19. You don’t have a current job to list.

You’re worried this will hurt your chances of getting called for an interview. You don’t want to (and absolutely should not) be dishonest. So, what should you do when you really want the job and don’t want to mess up your chances with this tiny formality?

Listing your job title when unemployed

Good news for you! You have options. All is not lost—just follow these tips from a leading provider of jobs hiring in Nashville TN.

Explain it in your profile or cover letter

A quick blurb that explains the situation will fit easily into your LinkedIn profile or cover letter. You can simply describe yourself as [industry] professional currently in search of a [title/industry position] after X years at your [previous position]. You can give a little more information at your interview, which could include being laid off/furloughed, newly graduated or fired. If you were fired, be ready to explain what happened (stay positive), what you learned and how it has helped you grow and change.

Include only an end date

Another method is just listing an end date to your most recent job. You’ll still want to explain further at an interview, but this is a simple way to represent your employment in your resume or profile.

Be creative

Maybe you write your job title to state your passion for something new! You could list it as “Currently in search of my dream job,” “Open to opportunities” or “Recently graduated and looking.”

Get professional assistance

If you’re feeling unsure of how to explain your current situation and present yourself in the very best way—get in touch with a professional! A recruiter will listen to understand your needs and help you craft the best possible documents to get hired.

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