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How important is the job title of my first full time job in Nashville?

Are job titles important when you’re looking for your next job? And how important are job titles on a resume? That depends on a few things.

The main thing your job title should convey is what you’ve accomplished. Beyond that, a recruiter or hiring manager should be able to grab any details they need from your resume.

Here’s what you need to do to make sure you’re giving hiring managers what they need to call you in for an interview. Just follow this information from a leading provider of jobs hiring in Nashville TN fulltime.

Beware Quirky Titles

If your job title is pretty straightforward, that’s good. In other words, someone could see your title and understand almost completely what your role entailed.

Now, if your job title was funky or misleading, this can create a problem for someone who’s working their way through a stack of resumes and only has time to glance at each one. They want to be able to read quickly, understand what you did, and get an idea of whether or not you’d be a good match for the job. A weird job title can be a roadblock.

But that’s OK, it’s not your fault—some companies think it’s fun and creative to give misleading titles. So here’s what you can do if you’re including one on your resume.

Use Great, Clear Summaries

Underneath each previous job, use a bulleted list of what your responsibilities included. Keep them brief and to the point—remember, the recruiter is skimming. Bold words are the most important. This way, even if it’s not clear from your job title what you did, your summaries should do the job.

Use Your Cover Letter

Another way to give an overview of your previous role is in your cover letter. You can include a few sentences that summarize your previous job and help you explain away a confusing job title. Even if your job title was straightforward, your cover letter gives you a place to describe your role and accomplishments.

Your Recruiter Can Help

When you’re preparing a resume for a new job, your recruiter can give you pointers for what to include. They want to see you succeed and can give you valuable advice to get your resume in front of potential employers.

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