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Job References When Job Searching

Do I NEED References to land a job?

If you’re wondering how to find a job in Nashville, TN, start first by thinking about the steps you take when you make a purchase. It’s a similar process for hiring managers.

Before you buy something, you may research various item options, prices, and availability. You probably also pay attention to those little yellow stars that describe a product’s rating—plus what other consumers have said about the item. If you’re like many people, you base your purchasing decision on what others report about an item’s quality, value, durability and more. The experience of others is an important factor in making a decision.

Job references are a lot like that.

Employers need support when they make a hiring decision. In essence, they’re shopping around for a new employee and want to make the very best choice.
They want to know what it’s like to work with you. They want to understand your work ethic, your career passion, and how compatible you are with other people. They also want to be sure you are what you say you are on your resume.
So what can you do to make sure your reference game is where it needs to be?

Ask the Right People

Choose references who have something good to say about you. You’ll want both professional and personal references. People with whom you have had a good rapport are your best choices.

Prepare Your References

First, ask if they are OK with being a reference for you. Then, provide them with a copy of your resume. Any time you apply to a job and they might be contacted, get in touch to let them know. Explain the type of job you’ve applied to and why you’re a good fit.

Say Thank You

If a reference has been contacted, send a thank you card or email. Keep the relationship on good terms, because a good reference is a valuable resource in helping you find your next job.

How to Find a Job in Nashville, Tennessee 

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