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Hiring in Today's Job Market

The Leading Challenges with Hiring in Today’s Job Market

The past year presented plenty of challenges for employers. With the pandemic forcing us to change the way we work and interact with customers, companies needed to get creative and flexible to keep business profitable and competitive. Plus, there have been plenty of hiring challenges during COVID-19.

Top Four Challenges Faced by Hiring Managers

There’s no doubt recruiting new workers has been challenging, and this will continue well into the new year. If you’re in search of candidates looking for jobs hiring in Nashville, it’s good to know what to expect for hiring challenges in 2021:

  1. Managing remote work. Many industries have been forced into remote work for some, most or all of their workforce. Though remote work makes workforce health and safety much less of a concern, it also creates new considerations. Company systems must be able to support remote work, and managers need effective ways to manage employees working remotely. Recruiters must be able to find candidates who feel comfortable with remote work, and who can work well autonomously, with good time management skills.
  2. Employee benefits. Vaccines, adequate PTO and sick time, mental health benefits, telemedicine… all of these are benefits new workers will be looking for. Employers hoping to bring on the best talent will need to offer robust benefits packages that cover anything related to COVID-19 screening, treatment, time off, and the emotional support needed by so many workers feeling isolated from their coworkers, friends, and family during this difficult time.
  3. Flexible scheduling. Another focus is flexible scheduling for work-at-home employees juggling their personal life alongside their work-life. Homeschooling and childcare are two concerns of parents, who will require flexible work scheduling to be able to fit in all the demands of life during the pandemic.
  4. Health and safety. For workforces that can’t support remote work, employees must be well-trained on all health and safety measures they must follow on the job. This requires proper training and reinforcement to help everyone stay safe. Tasks like this fall on the employer, but can also be handled by the staffing agency, depending on the training services they offer.

Need Support for Your Hiring Efforts?

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