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Should you have a talk with an employee who consistently looks lazy on zoom calls?

Working from home is new territory for many of us. Getting used to proper behavior on a Zoom call can be a learning curve for employees. It may seem that since they’re home, the etiquette during meetings is also relaxed. You may notice employees walking around, zoning out, eating, looking out the window or just not paying attention. Are you wondering how to create engagement in Zoom meetings? The first place to start can be encouraging Zoom meeting professionalism.

Zoom Meeting Tips for Employees

It may help to share the following tips from one of the leading staffing firms in Nashville. You might have a meeting to review them, or simply email them to your workers:

  • Treat a Zoom meeting just like an in-person meeting. This is the number one tip for success. If you simply act exactly like you would at an in-person meeting and use that level of decorum. This means paying attention, smiling, contributing to the conversation and taking it seriously.
  • Minimize distractions. Encourage employees to set up a workstation in the quietest place possible within their home. Then, when it’s time to take a call, let family or roommates know they’ll be busy for an hour or so.
  • Don’t forget the mute button. Everyone has a child or pet wander into the room from time to time. Remind employees to keep themselves on mute until it’s time to speak. This helps to minimize background noise.
  • Wear a full outfit. Getting dressed for work, even when working from home, is a great way to feel refreshed and motivated at the beginning of each day. It’s also a good way to remain professional during a Zoom call.
  • Show up on time. Just as they would for any other meeting, remind your employees of the importance of being on time for a call. Signing in a few minutes late is just as rude as it would be for an in-person meeting.

Schedule Time to Speak with Repeat Offenders

If you’ve noticed an employee who frequently zones out during Zoom calls, schedule time to talk with them. It could be something else is going on and they’re simply distracted. Find out what the issue might be, let them know you’re concerned, and remind them that it’s important to be professional.

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