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Finding a Job While Still Employed

What is the best way to look for a job while working?

If you don’t love your job and you want to look for something new, you may be wondering how to look for a new job while working. After all, searching for a new job can feel like a job in and of itself. Just take it from a leading provider of immediate hiring of jobs in Nashville, TN: job searches can be tedious!

It may seem like it’s easier to find a job if you don’t currently have one. But exactly the opposite is true. Employers find you much more hirable while you’re currently employed. No red flags are raised to signal that you might not be a good hiring choice. Still, it can get tricky.

Tips for How to Search for a New Job…Quietly

It’s a good idea to keep your mission quiet. First, it can be grounds for termination if your employer learns you’re trying to leave. Beyond that, you’ll want to maintain a strong work ethic just in case new job opportunities don’t pan out—you don’t want to be on dangerous ground at your job because you let your performance slide.

The best ways to discreetly look for a new job while employed are:

  • Turn off LinkedIn notifications to your network. You may decide to make updates to your LinkedIn profile that better align you with new jobs you are interested in. But this can send a signal to your contacts that you’re looking. It’s best to turn off notifications.
  • Don’t talk about it at work. This may feel difficult, especially if you usually get chatty with your coworkers. But no matter what, DON’T tell people you’re looking around, have interviews, etc. You never know who might let it slip that you’re in search of something new.
  • Stay engaged at your current job. Continue to meet your deadlines, do a good job and pay close attention to detail… all the things you would normally do if you weren’t in search of a new job.
  • Only use your personal devices for your search. Don’t take calls about new job opportunities on your desk phone, and don’t use your work email or computer. Stick with your home computer, or use your personal cell phone during your breaks.
  • Take time off if you have an interview. Don’t try to cram it in during a lunch break. You might decide to take a full day to avoid any suspicion… such as you arriving to work in a suit after your interview (when you wouldn’t normally wear one to your job).
  • Work with a recruiter. Staffing agencies are wonderful resources for new work opportunities. And recruiters understand where you’re coming from—they’re good at keeping your job search discreet.

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