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How to Rejoin the Workforce When Unemployed

Question: I’m unemployed. How do I get back into the job market?

If you’ve been unemployed for a bit, you may feel nervous about rejoining the workforce. Maybe you were laid off and had a hard time finding a job, or maybe you took time off to raise children or take care of a sick loved one.

Four Tips for Rejoining the Workforce

No matter what your reason, it can be nerve-wracking to jump back in. You may wonder what’s changed since you last had a job, and what you need to do to be competitive. Well, don’t worry. You can be on the path to a new job in no time with these five tips from a source of the best jobs in Nashville:

  1. Update your skills first. Of course, you’ll need a resume. And when you write yours, you’ll need to think a little outside the box. Even if you didn’t have a formal job, you were still learning and possibly gaining skills that can be applied to a job opportunity. For example, if you were raising children, you may have improved your time management or multitasking skills. If you traveled and spent some time abroad, maybe you gained an appreciation for other cultures and built your understanding of diversity. What new skills and knowledge can you add to your resume?
  2. Make your resume functional. A functional resume leads with your talents and skills. It’s different than a chronological resume, which leads with a list of your past jobs. For samples of functional resumes, simply visit Google.
  3. Utilize popular job sites. They’re not popular for nothing! Sites like Monster.com and Indeed.com are sources of plenty of jobs. LinkedIn also includes a job search function. Upload your resume (to help employers find you) and also start your search to apply to open positions that look good!
  4. Work with a recruiter. A job recruiter is one of the top sources of available work—both advertised and unadvertised. Many employers work exclusively with recruiters, so you can gain access to opportunities that aren’t currently posted. Recruiters are experts at what they do and want you to succeed. They’ll match you with jobs that are perfect based on your skillset, and will work with you to understand your talents and career goals.

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