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Mastering the Interview: Showcasing Your Virtual Work Skills

If you don’t yet work in a remote role, you might soon find yourself in this situation. Research shows that 42 percent of the American workforce is now working from home full-time. So if you’re in the market for a new job, you might soon be interviewing for a work-at-home position. To help yourself get hired, it’s always a good idea to understand what skills you need for telecommuting and then showcase these skills.

Virtual work skills to help you get hired

On your resume and in your interview, include the following key virtual work skills:

  • Tech-savvy. There’s no IT Department who can send a rep over to check your computer and problem solve any issues you may be having. When you’re home, a lot of the technology know-how will be up to you. Sure, you may be able to contact a service desk, but it will help if you understand video conferencing platforms, instant messaging programs, and project management tools. If you have experience with any or all of these, definitely include them in your resume and talk about them during your interview.
  • Time management. Your work-from-home day will be filled with different distractions than you’re used to in the office. It can be really tempting to watch an episode of your favorite show, or get lost in social media on your phone, or interact with the people and pets you live with. But with good time management, you’ll be able to keep your mind on the job and get your work done.
  • Digital communications. You won’t be able to drop by someone’s desk to ask a question anymore. Many of your communications will be through digital sources, like email, text messaging and other digital tools. Your efficient use of communication using digital resources is a huge advantage for a remote position.
  • Independent problem-solving. When you’re faced with a challenge, is your first instinct to think through it and try to figure it out, or immediately ask for help? In a remote environment, your ability to solve problems on your own (or know who to contact for more information) will help you get your work done well and on time.

Our New Working World

The pandemic has changed a lot about the way we work and communicate. And your ability to adapt will help you stay competitive as you look for new work. For more guidance on interview tips and tricks, check out our e-book. And if you need help finding a new job, contact Wood Personnel. We’ll work with you to understand your goals and find something you love.