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Improving Mental Health in Workplace

Check in with your team this week. Why managers should focus on mental health

Employee mental health has been a popular topic recently, and especially now during the pandemic. Stress and anxiety over COVID-19, job stability, diversity and politics have taken their toll on everyone. Mental health support is more important now than ever before, and this is why employers should care about mental health. Check out this information from one of the leading providers of staffing support in Nashville.

How Might Managers Better Support Employees?

It goes beyond supplying an employee assistance program and mental health coverage. The role of an employer is to support your employees, and this includes helping with mental health concerns. The good news is you can use many of the same techniques that make you a good manager.

Be Human

As an employer, you’re not a machine. You also have concerns and have experienced worries with the world and what’s going on. It’s a good move to show this side of yourself to your employees. Talk during team meetings about your own concerns to help break the mental health stigma. In other words, it’s OK to not be OK. This can help your employees feel more comfortable expressing their feelings and seeking help when and where they need it.

Be a Good Role Model

What steps have you taken to feel better? Have you increased your time spent outdoors, started yoga or deep breathing, scheduled regular Zoom calls with family members you can’t see regularly, or even started sessions with a counselor? Showing the steps you’ve taken to deal with your own anxiety in a healthy way is a good example to your employees.

Communicate Frequently

Check-in regularly with your employees to see how they’re doing and what they may need. You may want to check in more than you think you need to. When you ask how they are, pause long enough to allow for a full, real answer that goes beyond, “Fine. And you?” The most important thing is to let your employees know you’re there, you care and you will lend an ear.

Allow Flexibility

The way we work has changed—a little for some and dramatically for others. Your employees have been through an adjustment period and may not be able to accommodate tasks in the way they once did. To help them complete their assignments, you’ll need to be flexible. Talk to them about any issues they may be having and work together to come up with solutions. You don’t need to lower your expectations, but a little flexibility can go a long way in helping your workers thrive.

Need Guidance?

If you work with a staffing agency, your recruiter can help you guide workers when you need help. This could include training and more. Work with your recruiter to see what services they offer. And if you’re looking for a recruiter, contact Wood Personnel. To learn more about our available staffing services, reach out today!