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How to be More Appealing to Potential Employers | Wood Personnel

How can YOU be more appealing to potential employers?

If you’re in search of a new job, you may have noticed there’s a lot of competition. This is especially true based on your role or field, or how popular the company is that you’re applying to. You may find yourself up against a bunch of other candidates with just as many skills and just as much experience. So what are some good ways for how to be more attractive to potential employers?

How to Make a Good Impression with Potential Employers

You can get ahead of the competition with these tips from a leading provider of job openings in Nashville, TN:

  • Talk up your soft skills. It’s possible that every candidate you’re up against has all the qualifications the employer is looking for. Your soft skills are one great way to set yourself apart. Are you super organized, an active listener, work really well in a team, a born leader or something else? Talk about the soft skills you’ve gained that make you uniquely qualified.
  • Add numbers to your resume. Sure, you can SAY you’re good at things, but numbers help you prove it. Whenever possible, quantify your success with data to back it up. This could be sales you helped close, engagement rates you helped build, number of clients you worked with… anything that helps illustrate what you’ve accomplished.
  • Showcase your personal brand. You know a potential employer is going to Google you. This is your time to pull out all the stops with your personal brand. If you have one, it should be all over your LinkedIn profile, your blog and any other social media pages you maintain. Oh, and be sure your social media pages are cleaned up—the rule is if you wouldn’t want your mom to see a post, then take it down. Keep things professional, especially if you know a potential employer might be looking.
  • Volunteer. You can make yourself attractive to future employers through your passion for making the world a better place. What causes do you believe in? Take time to volunteer to support local organizations that align with these causes. It’s a great way to build more teamwork and leadership skills, help the community, and boost your resume with employers.

Let Your Recruiter Help

Not sure what else you can do to make yourself more attractive to potential employers? Work with your recruiter. As job search experts, recruiters know what you can do to maximize your potential.

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