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Improving Employee Wellness | Wellness Initiatives

In what ways can employee wellness improve your bottom line?

By now, you’ve probably heard about employee wellness programs. They can include anything from healthy cafeteria meals to biometric screenings to company nap rooms. Basically, anything you offer that helps improve employees’ physical, emotional and even financial wellness can be included as part of a wellness program, and the sky’s the limit! The goal is whole-person wellness—which is a benefit to you, as well as your employees.

Wellness programs build loyalty and career longevity

One of the best reasons to offer a wellness program is that it shows your employees you care about their health and well-being. Wellness programs are an attractive benefits offering that can help you garner attention from potential candidates. And they’re a benefit that encourages your workers to stick around once they’ve started with your company. This helps you avoid the costs associated with employee turnover.

Healthy employees are more productive

When employees are feeling good, they’re better equipped to do a good job. This is why whole-person wellness—which supports your employees in all aspects of good health—is a smart choice to help your workers live their healthiest lives. “Presenteeism” is a phrase that describes the drawbacks of employees who show up for work, but don’t feel well, and their work suffers as a result. Your wellness program gives employees the resources they need for good health, helping them avoid presenteeism and seize each workday for maximum results. This can directly enhance your bottom line.

Healthy employees spend less on care

One of the keys of wellness programs is prevention. By engaging in healthy activities such as exercising, eating healthy, participating in disease management and seeking mental health support, employees can improve health conditions. Any health concerns that could lead to high-cost medical needs down the road can be stopped in their tracks. It’s all in the resources and services you offer as part of your wellness program to support early intervention and awareness. This can include biometric health screenings, weight management resources, smoking cessation and much more.

It’s the right thing to do

Taking good care of your workers helps improve their lives, both inside and outside the office. Employers who provide wellness resources are taking an important step towards the quality of the company culture and how your business is viewed by your workforce and the community. Wellness programs are just good business.

In search of workers?

Once your wellness program is in place, you’re all set to help your staff stay healthy. But what happens when it’s time to grow? Wood Personnel can help. If you’re in search of qualified candidates to round out your workforce, contact us today!