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Resume Tips | Resume Ideas for 2022

Is your resume ready for the new economy?

Among many changes ushered in by the pandemic, technology and creative income streams took a leap forward. Many people found themselves working remotely, or out of work completely, and the continued rise of the new “gig economy” increased at a more rapid pace. People who were out of work may have found themselves freelancing, working as rideshare drivers or even trying their hand at income from social media sites like Instagram and YouTube.

Adjusting your resume for the new economy

As the world changes and opportunities shift, you may find yourself as someone who works more with technology or in frequent “gigs” rather than a steady income from one employer. A traditional resume style no longer works—instead, you’ll need a new method of documenting and showcasing your career skills.

Start with a mission statement

The opening to your resume should include a statement about who you are, the type of work you do and what motivates you in your career. Include your values and what you strive to accomplish in your work.

Add a job skills section

This is another easy way to show potential clients or employers what you know and what you can do. It helps them make the choice of whether or not to hire you based on the project they need completed.

Focus on a portfolio

You don’t need a bulleted list of past work experience and what you accomplished with each project. This could lend itself to a bulky resume that goes on and on, especially if you’re doing a lot of freelancing for different companies. Instead, it helps to build a portfolio. You can include links to your work on a website (possibly your own site, but maybe not), or social media.

Stick to one or two pages

Clear and concise is the way to go. If a potential client is looking through a lot of resumes, they don’t have time to comb through pages and pages of information. You should be able to say what you’re all about in just a few sections.

Keep your brand intact

The persona you present online should match with your resume. It’s all in your branding. Use the same tone of voice and look as you showcase in your work. When everything lines up, it makes you appear much more authentic in your professional abilities.

Work with a recruiter

If you need help adjusting your resume for the new economy, check with your recruiter. He or she can give you tips and may even be able to hook you up with job leads.

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