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Preaching Thankfulness: How to Show Gratitude and Thankfulness for Your Team

Thanksgiving is coming up, a reminder during this season of thanks that it’s important to show gratitude for those around us. And this includes employees. During the Thanksgiving season and all year ‘round, you can take easy actions to show your workers how much you care with these tips from one of the top Nashville staffing vendors.

Showing Thanks is Good Business

Employees who feel their employee cares about their well-being are more likely to be loyal, happy, productive and stick around long-term. You can show your gratitude for your employees in the following ways:

  • Allow flexible scheduling. Does the work need to be done during a specified time frame, or can the workday be a little more open-ended? Allowing employees flexible scheduling helps them fit in commitments they have outside the workplace. It also shows you trust them enough to let them complete tasks during the hours that work best for them.
  • Give special treats. Surprise coffee and pastries? Lunch covered by the company? What about letting them out a little early on a Friday afternoon? Any little unexpected perks show your workers that you care enough to treat them well.
  • Say thank you publicly. Thanking your employees for a job well done in a public place (such as the company newsletter or intranet) is a bold move that won’t go unnoticed. Your recognition is a great move to show your workers their efforts and accomplishments matter to you, and to the company as whole.
  • Say thank you in other ways. Sometimes, an email message that says thank you is more than enough. You may also choose to say thank you in passing if you see the employee in the office. Your words of gratitude make a big difference.
  • Offer a bonus dress-down day. If your work setting requires employees to dress up, allowing a dress-down day to say thank you can be much appreciated. Work clothes can feel stuffy, so the opportunity to wear jeans is a nice perk (plus, it’s more comfortable).

Need Suggestions?

Your recruiter can also let you know good ways to thank and reward your employees. And if you’re in need of new employees, your recruiter can help with that, too. If you’re in need of a recruiter—look no further than Wood Personnel! We’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and find the best-matched candidates you seek. To learn more, contact us today!