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Avoiding Weekly Burnout | Wood Personnel Services

How to set a weekly routine to avoid mental burnout… for the long-term

Do your weeks tire you out mentally? You’re not alone. Burnout is common these days with many of us working remotely. The work day seems to creep into our home life, work-life balance seems to shift in the wrong direction, and we start to feel more and more drained. But with a few changes, you can get your week on track to avoid burnout, reduce your stress and stay productive. How? With these tips from a leading provider of job openings in Nashville, TN.

How to create a weekly routine to avoid burnout

Get your week on track by making a few changes. It’s important not to make too many changes all at once, as this can be stressful. Simply choose a few and incorporate them one at a time.

  • Stay away from your phone first thing in the morning (work phone or personal cell). You’ll get pulled into things that will be distracting and you will most likely get a late start. This includes social media, email and text messages. Let yourself wake up and do your usual morning tasks before even touching your phone.
  • Exercise first thing. This will get your heart pumping, your blood flowing and give you a sense of accomplishment at the very beginning of the day. It will also help you wake up and clear your head so you’ll be more alert to start tackling the day’s tasks.
  • Get dressed. If you’re going into the office, this is a no-brainer. But if you’re working from home, it’s hard to get started if you’re still in your pjs. This sends the message to your brain that you’re not quite ready to work.
  • Make a to-do list. Start with one big task that you want to accomplish. This will take the most brainpower and energy. Include two or three smaller tasks. Once you cross the big task off the list, you’ll feel accomplished and the smaller tasks will be easy. When you’re done with your list, your workday is complete. And if the smaller tasks don’t get done, simply carry them over to tomorrow’s list.
  • Clean off your desk at the end of the day to get ready for the next day. You’ll start with a clean, fresh slate. You may also want to make tomorrow’s to-do list at the end of the previous day so you’ll be ready to start right away in the morning.
  • Once your workday ends, step away from all work. Everyone needs downtime. Use your time away from work to focus on your family, friends, home and pets. Do things you enjoy. Do not check your company email. That will be ready and waiting for you in the morning.
  • Wind down an hour before you plan to sleep. This gives your mind a chance to get in the sleep mindset. You might take a bath, listen to music, or have a cup of decaf tea. If there’s anything lingering on your mind, jot it down so you can think about it tomorrow—and then let it go for the night.

Still finding it hard to wind down?

If your job is causing you too much stress and you just aren’t able to calm down and relax, it may be time for a new job. And Wood Personnel can help. To learn more, visit our job search page.