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Key to Proper and Effective Staff Augmentation

Preparing for 2022: The key to proper and effective staff augmentation

Looking to build up your workforce? “Staff augmentation” is the buzz phrase that describes how to do this quickly and easily. You need a partner who will work with you to understand your staffing needs and then find employees to match. This could be short- or long-term workers who are employees of a staffing firm, or permanent placements, who would then become your employees. A partner can also review your workforce and let you know what skill gaps you have that you’ll need to augment.

Benefits of Proper and Effective Staff Augmentation

First and foremost, you’ll have the workers you need to maintain productivity. And that helps you keep a steady flow of income that keeps your customers happy. But staff augmentation with a staffing partner offers you other advantages. These include:

  • Reduce commitment. You can choose to bring on only the employees you need for only as long as you need them. You have the flexibility to appoint short-term, temporary workers only to cover a special project or busy time of year, without the commitment of a permanent worker.
  • Little to no disruption of services. When you’re no longer working with a skeleton crew, you have the people in place to get work done. This means you’ll continue to meet the needs of your customers and keep profits flowing. Plus, working with a staffing partner makes filling open positions quick and easy—faster than trying to fill them on your own.
  • Avoid burnout. More people to get work done means overflow doesn’t fall on your permanent, full-time staff. This will help you avoid employee burnout and the resulting human error from overworked employees. You’ll also be more likely to avoid employee turnover and the costs associated with it.
  • Cost efficiency. Temporary workers are employees of the staffing agency, which is an affordable option. You might also choose temporary-to-permanent employees, who give you the opportunity to make sure they’re a good match before you extend a full-time offer. Efficiency in hiring equals efficiency in spending and helps you manage your staffing budget.

Have a Staffing Partner in Mind?

When you’re looking to augment your staff, check out Wood Personnel. We’re experts at what we do and will match you with highly qualified candidates that meet your staffing requirements. To learn more, contact us today!