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How to Capture a Recruiter’s Attention with Your Resume

It may surprise you to learn that recruiters don’t spend much time reviewing resumes. Since it’s their job to fill positions quickly and accurately, they don’t have much time to spare. In fact, research shows that most will only spend around seven seconds skimming a resume—just seven seconds! So as you can imagine, you need to make an instant impact with the resume content you choose in order to get noticed on the way to your next exciting job.

Resume Tips to Impress a Recruiter

Follow these tips from a leading provider of the best jobs in Nashville when writing your resume. You’ll be sure to catch the eye of a recruiter:

  • Choose the right format. Whether chronological (focusing on your work experience) or functional (focusing on your skills when you don’t have a ton of work experience just yet), the right resume format allows you to include your information in a way that makes sense. Also, be sure your resume flows in a way that is easy to read and that makes important information easy to find.
  • Be qualified. Check out the key skills listed in the qualifications section of the job description and make sure you have them. Some qualifications can be learned on the job, but the most important ones will be listed first in the qualifications list. The job description may also list out “must haves” and “nice to haves.”
  • Highlight your best qualities. There should be no mistaking what makes you most qualified for the job, and most unique. Review the job description and decide what makes you different and more qualified than other candidates. Then be sure to highlight those qualifications in your objective statement, and work history or skills sections.
  • Use names and titles to your advantage. The job titles in your work history should make it very clear what you did. If you worked for any well-known companies, these can be impressive, so make them very obvious.
  • Include keywords. If the recruiter is using software for preliminary resume screening, you’ll want the system to pick up on any key industry words and phrases. Make sure your resume lines up with the job description and uses the same terminology.

You Get Out of it What You Put into it

Your resume is your first step on the way to greatness. You may be surprised what you can find when you put the effort in to make yours perfect!

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