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Spring Clean Your LinkedIn Profile | Wood Personnel

Ways to “spring clean” your LinkedIn profile to attract hiring managers

Spring has sprung! While the world around us wakes up from the winter, it’s a great time to start fresh in other aspects of your life. That’s why spring is when many people open the windows and clear out dust and clutter that’s built up over the months spent indoors. Spring cleaning is a great way to put one season behind and start fresh in a brand new one.

Why Not “Spring Clean” Your LinkedIn Profile?

Your home isn’t the only thing that can use a clean-up from time to time. When was the last time you refreshed your LinkedIn profile? Since LinkedIn is the number-one way recruiters source new candidates, it’s always a good idea to keep your profile as up to date as possible. You never know when an exciting new job might come knocking. So, what can you do to get started?

Try these five techniques to refresh your LinkedIn profile:

  • Update your profile picture. This is an easy way to add a little more pizazz to your profile. Pay for a professional headshot at a local photo studio, or take a new picture yourself. Be sure to keep the background clean from clutter and use natural light, or sit next to a window. You can also use a filter or photo editing app to clean up your picture before you post it.
  • Add endorsements. Ask your connections if they’d write you a recommendation to add to your profile. A good time to request a recommendation is right after you’ve had a positive experience with a coworker or manager, like when you’ve recently completed a big task or project.
  • Update your career history. Have you recently changed jobs, added a new responsibility or learned a new skill? Add that into your career history. Once you’ve made your updates, it’s a good idea to make it a habit to regularly update your profile whenever something has changed at work or every three months.
  • Spruce up your objective statement. This is the blurb that appears at the beginning of your profile. You can help recruiters find you by adding in keywords that are frequently found in job descriptions similar to what you do. Take a few minutes to read through a few of them, choose some keywords you see, and add them into your objective statement.
  • Join groups. This can be a great way to get noticed by others and make connections. There’s a group for pretty much anything, and you might find yourself learning a thing or two by participating in discussions.

In Search of a New Job this Spring?

It helps to fix up your LinkedIn profile, or you can even work with a job recruiter. Check out Wood Personnel! To learn more about the jobs we have available, visit our job search page!