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Attracting and Hiring Top Performers

How Do You Create a Magnetic Culture that Attracts Top Performers?

The war on talent is here! Depending on your industry, things may have become ultra-competitive to find new workers, especially with many changing jobs or leaving the job market entirely during the pandemic. One of the most important tools for attracting top performers is your company culture. By strengthening yours, you’ll gain an edge when it comes time to hire new workers.

How to Boost Your Company Culture

There’s a wide range of changes you can make to improve the culture in your workplace. Some steps are easy, while others take more effort. But it’s important to remember that every step you take, no matter how small, can make a big difference in the work/life of your employees, and the reputation of your company in the job market. Here are a few to get started:

  • Say thank you. This is perhaps the simplest way to improve the culture in your company. Create an atmosphere of gratitude. When someone has worked hard, say thank you—in person, by phone, or through email. Your kind words can go a long way to improve morale.
  • Recognize accomplishments. You might offer rewards for hard work like company-branded merchandise, gift cards, a few hours of PTO, a work happy hour, lunch in the office, coffee, and donuts… the options are pretty limitless.
  • Supply a comfortable environment. This includes natural lighting, plants, pleasing paint colors and artwork, white noise (you’d be surprised how calming this can be), ergonomic workstations, and updated equipment.
  • Take care of employee well-being. The benefits you provide are important and help employees take good care of themselves and their families. Medical, dental, vision, and prescription coverages are the basics, but adding on benefits such as mental health support, weight loss programs, fitness membership reimbursement, tuition assistance, 401(k), profit sharing and adequate paid time off, you take your benefits offering to a whole new level.
  • Pay competitive wages. Pure and simple, you won’t attract the best when your competition is paying better. Some employees may be willing to trade less pay for other advantages, but in most cases, money talks. The cost of living is steadily increasing and people need to be paid what they’re worth. Do your research to be sure the pay rates you’re offering are in line with others in your industry.

Need Guidance Finding New Workers?

Company culture is one thing that’s important in attracting top talent. But if you find you’re still struggling, or simply don’t have enough time to invest, it helps to work with a staffing partner. And Wood Personnel can help. To learn more about what we offer, contact us today!